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According statics 15% of the world's population is disabled and 28 million are severly disabled. Therefore rehabilitation of persons with disabilities is one of major global issues. Brain Controlled Interfaces make it easier for people with disabilities to communicate with the outside world and improve the quality of life.


BCI is the mix of hardware and software to control computers and devices by the power of mind. The main idea of the project is to control external devices and computers by the power of mind.


Modern brain controlled interfaces have 2 main problems. Firstly, they demand high concentration and training, secondly distraction of the user leads to the interruption of communication between system and human. According our hypothesis the Binary Complex approach that we developed eliminates these 2 weakness and create more sustainable system.

Our Hypothesis

More sustainable alfa potensials can be used to develop more advanced Brain Controlled System's algorithm. Alfa waves don't depend on the level of concentration and don't demand training from the user.

Our Team




The “Scientists of Tomorrow“ is an innovative idea competition

Baku Feb 15, 2018 News

Our project took 1st place at the Intel Isef competition in the medical track.


Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The Hague June 3-5, 2019 News

We successfully represented the project at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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